VooPoo - DRAG


  • R 1,000.00

Product Features:
Working Voltage: 6.4~8.5V;
Working Current: 1~40A;
Output Voltage Range: 0~7.5V;
Output Current Range: 0~40A;
Resistance under Wattage Mode: 0.05~3.0 ohm;
Resistance under TC Mode: 0.05~1.5 ohm;
Output Power: 5~157W;
Temperature Range: 200~600'F / 100-315'C;
Charging Voltage: 5V;
Charging Current: 1800mA

Gene Fun:
32 bit super US gene fun chip;
Powerful PWM and MOS module;
Fastest fire speed in the world only 0.025s;
Feeling super different exciting;

Auto Super Power Mode:
Super mode under resistance: 0.1~0.3 ohm;
Drag: the only box mod has super mode in the world;
Super mode can provide much powerful and exciting vapor feel, especially for the vapor players

8 All Aspects Safety Protection:
Battery reverse protection;
Switch timeout protection;
Over-temperature protection;
Output over-current protection;
Overcharge protection;
Over discharge protection;
Short-circuit protection