iJoy - 20700 Battery

iJoy - 20700 Battery


  • R 230.00

The iJoy 20700 40AMP battery that is being manufactured by the company has a diameter of 20mm and a length of 70mm. It has a capacity of 3000mAH, a nominal voltage of 3.7V, and a peak voltage of 4.2V. It is fully rechargeable, and it is designed to be compatible with many existing chargers. iJoy has created this battery with those who enjoy vaping all day in mind, so it should be able to provide you with the power and performance you will need to vape for an extended period of time on a single charge.

As with all e-cigarette batteries, you will need to take the proper safety precautions with the new iJoy 40A 20700 Battery is able to ensure that you do not run into any issues with it. You should never overcharge this battery, and you should recharge it as soon as it is drained. You should keep an eye on the battery when you are charging it, and you should avoid exposing it to extreme heat or water. Tests have also shown that you will need to avoid exposing the top ring insulator on this battery to e-juice in order to prevent damage to it. Additionally, it’s advisable for you to avoid carrying lithium-ion batteries like this one around in your pocket or bag when you are not using it, and you should never dispose of a battery like the iJoy 20700 40AMP battery in a fire. You should follow proper recycling protocol when it comes to getting rid of any e-cigarette batteries.

If you are in the market for a high drain rechargeable battery, the iJoy 20700 40AMP battery is an excellent option that should be able to exceed your vaping needs and provide you with hours of vaping at a time. iJoy is a company that is known for creating quality products, and their batteries are an extension of their focus on manufacturing accessories for vapers around the country and the globe. You should make sure that the iJoy 20700 40AMP battery will be compatible with your current e-cigarette before purchasing it, but as long as it is, you should feel completely comfortable using this product to power your e-cigarette. It will give you a glimpse of what the iJoy company is all about and show you exactly what this particular battery is capable of when you use it on a regular basis while vaping.

IJOY 20700 Battery Features:

  • Dimensions: 20mm*70mm (18650 batteries are 18mm*65mm)
  • Battery Capacity: 3000mAh
  • Amperage: 40A
  • Peak Voltage: 4.2V
  • Rechargeable
  • 30A Contious as tested by Mooch